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"Julie Kurz has a wealth of experience and information that would bless any church's leadership. I appreciate her partnership and would highly recommend her consultation and services. If you want to develop the Family Ministry in your church, your investment with Julie will be the fastest and most effective way to make it happen. I encourage you to give her a call and set up an appointment right away."

"Julie has a passion for the Lord, for His Word, and for seeing churches and families partner together to advance His Kingdom. She has helped many churches accelerate their impact through developing a Bible-driven family ministry model and I believe she can help your church as well. Most important, she "walks her talk" in seeking to live for Christ as a wife and mother. I hope you take the time to get to know Julie and this vital ministry."

Dr. Rob Rienow - Pastor and Founder of Visionary Family Ministries

"Long before Family Ministry became a popular title in church ministry, Julie Kurz was doing it at home and at church.  Julie, along with her husband Dave, wrote and led fun family devotions at home with their three children.  As a Children’s Ministry Director, Julie was proactive in training and equipping parents to provide spiritual lessons in the home.  Julie understood then as she does now that family is primary and church is support when it comes to effectively passing the faith from generation to generation.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie as board members at Family Time Training.  I’ve also served with Julie in numerous Family Ministry organizations including: Transform World; 4/14 Window Initiative; and Association of Marriage and Family Ministry (AFMFM).  Without reservation I recommend Julie Kurz as a Family Ministry consultant and trainer. "

Kirk Weaver, Executive Director, Family Time Training

“As a result of your consultation, we have our kids in the service with parent training, a family integrated tween program, and the development of family time in our church.”

Rob Chadwick, Table Mountain

"Not only is Julie a good resource to me, but she has also been valuable in pointing me to more great resources. Because she has a passion for family ministry, she is continu- ally ferreting out the best materials that go beyond theory, and provide practical help for families and churches."

Lauralee Holsing, 1st EFC, Rapid City, SD

“Tapping into all the resources and knowledge you gave us was so helpful to us!”

Ethan & Cass McClaugherty, Canyon City

"One cannot miss Julie Kurz’s heart for fervently pursuing God’s call to involve in the passing of faith from one generation to another in her own family as well as in the Christ’s body as a consultant. She has also the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in that pursuit.


My personal interactions with Julie as well as affirmations of others, who have witnessed the growth of Julie’s ministry over the years, give credence to her credible standing as a well-regarded family minister. We, at Family Challenge, a part of the Transform World movement, value Julie as a key member of our global team."

Matthew Ling, 4/14 Family Challenge / Senior Pastor, Calvary Family Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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