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As a Consultant for Family/Children’s Ministries, Julie can assist you or your church in the following ways:
Reconnect Ministries Consultations

Awareness training workshops or retreats for pastors, parents, leadership teams, Children’s Ministries’ staff, lay leadership teams, Sunday school teachers, and congregations.


• Strategy consulting and training to help churches develop an appropriate methodology in their church culture to reconnect the spiritual development of the children to their home, while still maintaining the important role of the church.


Resource expertise in Family/Children’s Ministries.


• Coaching for Family/Children’s Ministries Pastors/Directors or lay staff teams to develop and maintain the unique strategy developed for their church over the ‘long haul’.


• Family Ministry networking in churches for the exchange of ideas, encouragement, and to provide resource awareness.


4/14 Family Challenge Consultations

The 4/14 Family Challenge is committed to strengthening families and helping them pass their faith to their children.  Julie can come and help you understand this global movement and how you can empower the parents in your church to pass the faith on to their kids and also mobilize your church to equip them.   We have 30, 60, and 90 Day Family Adventures that your church can participate in and Julie can get you on board.


National Center for Biblical Parenting Consultation
Using our 4 Components of Family Ministry as a framework, Julie offer a free consultations to any church. This framework allows us to focus on 4 primary components that are important in the life of a church that wants to strengthen families, reach young people, and equip parents.


Julie offers various tools that can be used to develop each of the 4 components, but doesn't provide a "one-size-fits-all" program or strategy and prefers to get to know your context and work with you to develop a plan of action.


Contact Julie if you want to know more about the Biblical, practical, heart-based approach to parenting and family ministries for your church.  If your church wants further consulting in the area of Family Ministries, Julie can continue to consult your church under Reconnect Ministries. 

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