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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Phone 720.289.8202 


Address CAM (Church Assistance Ministry)                          PO Box 2623

              Santa Clarita, CA 91386



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Why you should consider providing financial support for this ministry:

Written by a Supporter:
"Just like supporting any other missionary, supporting Julie gives me the opportunity to have an influence in an area where I do not have free access. Julie's 18 years experience as Children's Ministry Director gives her credibility that opens doors while facilitating an immediate bond with other CM Directors. CM Directors often feel very much alone in their role and they are eager for the support and help that Julie offers. In addition, churches all across America are recognizing that they are failing to retain the children brought up in our churches once they reach young adult hood and they too are eager for the counsel and redirection that Julie's ministry offers. I feel that my support of Julie's ministry is an investment in children, parents and families, something that can dramatically impact the future of our churches."


CAM (Church Assistance Ministry)
P. O. Box 2623

Santa Clarita, CA  91386

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